Book Reviews and Endorsements

This is one of the best OBE books I've read in many years and I highly recommend it. It was thoroughly enjoyable. One of the reasons I liked it so much is just because of the author's approach. It really makes you think. Hard.

-- Robert Peterson, Author of Out of Body Experiences and Lessons Out of the Body

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This book has moved the OBE ball down the field farther than anything since Robert Monroe in the 70's and 80's. The greatest contribution here is the way the author looks at the OBE. While rejecting neural reductionism, he also rejects all forms of geographical or 'travel' analogies. Consciousness is nowhere and can never be anywhere. All the apparent 'travel' to this or that world or zone of experience is a phase shift of eternally stationary consciousness. Check it out, finally somebody with a brain has probed into this deeply. It's the best thing in decades on the OBE.

-- Scott Meredith, Author of Juice: Radical Taiji Energetics

Explorations of Consciousness represents a new height, a new level in the serious intellectual study of altered states, and specifically the so-called "out of body experience".

-- Dr. Donald DeGracia, Associate Professor of Physiology, Wayne State University, Author of Do-OBE.

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I am blown away. Frederick Aardema has written the master textbook of OBEs how it should be taught in schools. To my mind it will rank as one of the future classics of OBE literature and should be required and essential reading for all OBE investigators.

-- Jurgen Ziewe, Author of Multidimensional Man and The Ten Minute Moment.

With his careful, detailed scientific consideration of the phenomena, Frederick pulls OBEs out from the smoke screen of flimflammery to present them transparently as a comprehensible human experience - in particular, an experience potentially attainable by all. The field of OBEs is literally opening up to those with an open mind. We stand at the frontier of an exciting new venture into inner space."

-- Dr. Kieron O'Connor, Research Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Montreal.